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Extracting Source Code from an Android APK

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Because we need to hack an #anki #cozmo.

Cozmo toy robot on a desk with cubes
Why is Cozmo so adorable? Lets labotomize him and find out

So in my two days of experience (several hard fought hours) with hacking Cozmo to force my coding will upon it, I realized a few things. One, Cozmo doesn't possess the hardware needed to act on his own- most of processing is done on the user's device end (hence the need to always be connected to the app). Since the standard SDK is designed so that's its readable as a bedtime story to a four year old, and it doesn't give you any access to any lower level features or functions that is already available...

I decided to find out how the app does it.

I could sit here and write a long, drawn out, and dramatized story on the trials and tribulations of my two hours deciding how to proceed to hack Cozmo, or you could just watch this video. Be sure to subscribe to see how the project proceeds.

TL/DR/DV: I utilize android platform-tools adb to pull the cozmo apk from an android device, a windows version of dex2jar to extract the source code, and finally java de-compiler to view the resulting .class files. #anki#cozmo#dev

Links to tools used:


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